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3 Uses for White Vinegar in Laundry


While I swear by felted wool dryer balls to help soften clothes and remove static-cling, I have found that using distilled white vinegar as a fabric softener in the washer gets my clothes even softer. Vinegar also does a great job of removing any laundry detergent residue making dark colors brighter and whites whiter! Use 1/4 cup for HE machines and 1/2 cup for regular machines. You can either add it to the fabric softener compartment or add it in during the final rinse. Some people say that they add in essential oils to the vinegar to give their clothes a nice scent. Honestly, I have tried this and have not been able to smell the essential oils after a wash. In case you are wondering…clothes don’t smell like vinegar after a wash either!



Add 1 cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle to kill the mold and mildew…and the smell! When I briefly lived in Hawaii our towels were constantly wet! We were either swimming or showering since we were hot and sweaty. Even if we hung the towels up promptly, our towels still stunk! That is when I discovered that white vinegar works great to kill mold! That’s why I use it to clean my shower too!



Four times a year I add 2 cups of vinegar to an empty wash cycle set to hot. It does the job of cleaning out my washer and keeps it smelling great. And it’s cheap!!! When I first bought my washer it came with a packet of chemicals designed to clean the washer. They encouraged me to buy that brand to keep my washer clean. Vinegar works just as well and I’m comfortable using it around my family!


How do you use vinegar in your laundry? Share below!

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