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Moisturizing Honey Face Wash

Sometimes the best things happen by accident. Like taking a wrong turn and accidentally finding a really cool new place! Or finding a stray guinea pig in a park that becomes a beloved pet. True story!

That’s how this face wash happened. Happy accident.

Two years ago I started getting these little red dots around my eyes and mouth. I just couldn’t get them to go away!! Finally, I went to the doctor only to find out that they are, in fact, adult acne. Seriously?!? It really doesn’t seem fair that I’m getting silver hair (some people call it gray, but I insist it’s silver) and adult acne at the same time!!! Double whammy! Well, I’ve been searching for a face wash that is moisturizing (since I live in a dry climate) and also fights acne since that time. With no success.

One day I was in the shower and realized that I had left my face wash on the bathroom counter from washing my face the night before. Out of sheer laziness, I decided to use my moisturizing body wash as a face wash because my face was kind of a broken out mess anyways! Seriously, it couldn’t get any worse. To my surprise, I loved it! After using it a few days, my face was visibly clearer and rejuvenated. I had actually been tweaking the body wash recipe (because I can’t leave well enough alone) so the recipe that you see in this post is not exactly the same as the body wash recipe.

Avocado Oil…How I love thee!

Here’s the big difference…at least for my face. Avocado oil. This oil is kind of the new kid on the block as far as being the “miracle oil”. For years it has been coconut oil. Don’t get me wrong, I love coconut oil. I use it in everything from my snickerdoodle foot scrub, to dog shampoo, to basic deodorant. What I’ve realized is that avocado oil moisturizes my skin really well. Part of the reason is that it is one of the oils with the highest natural amount of vitamin E which rejuvenates skin, and reduces wrinkles by tightening skin. It also is non-comedogenic oil, meaning that it won’t clog your pores (unlike coconut oil).

Actually, avocado oil was another happy accident in this recipe. When I went to make more body wash, I found that I had run out of coconut oil and decided to use avocado oil since I had some in my kitchen. I’ve been cooking with avocado oil for years since it has a lot of health benefits and one of the highest smoke points (meaning it won’t burn at high temperatures). If you want to read more about it, Katie from wrote a great article about avocado oil benefits.

Raw Honey…You are pretty awesome too!

Raw honey is known for clearing up acne and blemishes because it is antibacterial. In fact, it has such strong antibacterial properties that honey is often used to heal burn patients (at least in other countries where big pharma is not as prevalent). New Zealand is leading the way in this method of natural healing reports Foxnews in it’s story on the healing benefits of honey. Honey is also rejuvenating since it helps slough off dead skin (that’s part of it’s magical healing properties). And it is moisturizing. Honey, is there anything you can’t do!?


1/4 c. Avocado Oil

1/4 c. Organic Raw Honey

2 t.  Vitamin E Oil

1/2 c. Castile Soap (I like to use the baby unscented and then add essential oils for scent, but you can use and scent of castile soap and omit the essential oils if you want.)

10 drops Essential Oils (optional)

Gently stir avocado oil, honey and vitamin E oil. Don’t worry too much if they are still separating. Slowly add castile soap mixing gently so that you don’t create bubbles. If you get bubbles, it will make it impossible to get into your bottle! Add essential oils if you are using them and stir. Slowly pour into a pump or squirt bottle. Shake gently before use since it naturally separates.

Since all of the elements of this recipe are shelf stable, it will keep several months.

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  1. Jane

    December 3, 2016 at 2:38 am

    I love natural stuff, the older I get the more I realize that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made by our creator. Thus as we age, a whole new host of things hit the body, mostly because we eat wrong and put junk in. I still have not gotten away from the sweet craving, but know that sugar is really harmful to the body in so many ways. Great studies have been done on this. I really enjoy your site and pray you keep it up and keep on searching, after all God made everything, so there has to be stuff out there that is good for our bodies, ah yes but each body is different, so we keep on keeping on. Thanks for sharing!!! At 70 it’s hard to keep up anymore…So one thing that my husband and I found out is that we where low in Amino acids and when I keep up taking the liquid form my hair starts darkening up…Yes we where both surprise, but this is the example of trying things…

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