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Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

We are big on washing hands to prevent illness in our house. One reason is that we have a daughter who was a premie and seems to pick up everything and be sicker than the average kiddo when she does! You can read more about our story here  if you want to.

In addition to stopping illnesses from spreading, hand washing also cleans our hands of toxins that could be spread to our mouths.

With our hand washing, we really go through hand soap quickly so this recipe has saved us quite a bit of money since we aren’t paying $3.99 per bottle! I also have concerns about buying many ingredients in commercial products. I’ve written about my thoughts about product ingredients including the (now banned) anti-bacterial hand soap ingredient triclosan in this article.

This soap is a great way to keep my family healthy and safe.


2 Tablespoons Castile Soap

1/2 Teaspoon oil such as avocado oil, or olive oil (for moisturizing and also to help the dispenser last longer)

8 oz Water (distilled or boiled is best but tap water can be used if the soap will be gone in a few weeks)

10 drops essential oil of choice (optional)


  1. Fill a foaming soap dispenser with water leaving about an inch at the top. Be sure to leave room for the pump. (where to buy foaming soap dispenser)
  2. Add castile soap, oil and essential oil if you are using it. (don’t add this first or you will create bubbles when you add the water!)
  3. Put the pump in the dispenser and gently swirl.

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